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In Medicine River

Artists: Coyote Oldman (Michael Graham Allen) and Michael Fitzsimmons

Michael Graham Allen, flutemaker and composer, performs on Native American flutes and panpipes, with percussionist Michael Fitzsimmons on bass drum, log drum, bells, and shakers.

This is a 1992 release.

''This work is offered as a sincere and simple expression of joy and gratitude for this beautiful world and for the deep roots which connect us to the great source, flowing like a river through all people and all of creation. In Medicine River overflows with unusual musical instruments: Traditional Native American flutes of this continent (North America), Incan panpipes of South America, new experimental wooden flutes, thousand-year-old clay flutes of Central America, and drums, bells, and rattles from the world over. The Native American flutes are of my own construction and are based on 150-year-old Lakota artifacts. I owe many thanks to the ancient Native American people who developed these powerfully expressive flutes.''  (Michael Graham Allen)

Brand New Condition. CD donated by Michael Graham Allen (Coyote Oldman).

$10, includes shipping

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