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"Lochmara's Lilt"

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Flutist: Todd Chaplin

CD: Lochmara's Voice - Improvisations on the Native American Flute

Flute: Southern Cross Flutes, black walnut G minor drone

Notes: Lochmara Lodge, located in the Marlborough Sounds of Aotearoa, New Zealand, hosted Native American-style flute craftsman Todd Chaplin as its Artist in Residence in the Autumn of 2015. Flutecraft, music-making, and meditation among Lochmara’s breathtaking natural beauty led to the recording of remarkable solo flute improvisations that, blended with the in situ soundscape of forest and coast, river, and rain, birdsong, and bees, are released as the CD,
Lochmara’s Voice

Contact Todd for more information at Southern Cross Flutes